Yangming Mountain is located at northeast of shuangpai county; it is branch of Nanling and covers 114.2 square kilometers. The well-known mountain features ancient magic intelligent and grace and with pleasant natural ecoloqical environment and long lasting Buddhism culture, it is praised as “land of opportunities”.The a ltitude of the peak “Wang Fo Tai” is 1624.6m and annual average temperature is 14.2℃; the ecology of it is reserved well and the forest cover rate is up to 98%;one hundred thousand mu sea of bamboo meanders and over the thousang mu original forest flourishes; springs, waterfall, singular peak and stones,clouds and mist thest sights are extremely pleasant.



  • {$r[title]} Sea of Azalea

        The Azalea of yangming Mountain is famous for its brilliant color,large area and even height and clear order. Flowers blossoms luxuriantly at the end of April and beginning of May every year.   [MORE]

  • {$r[title]}Wanshou Tenple
        Wanshou Temple was named as Yangming Temple originally and was founded in Song dynasty and reorganized in Ming dynasty.   [MORE]
  •     It is neighboring to historical site of Ancient Xiama Nunnery and mountains lie around it;it is original source of Huanxi in Travel in Huanxi written by Liu Zongyuan.    [MORE]

  • {$r[title]} Xiao Huangjiang

        Xiao Huangjiang yuan flows through the whole Landscape zone from north to south;the Landscape in the valley is extremely pleasant and singular flowers and stones.   [MORE]

  • {$r[title]}Da Huangjiang Yuan

        It is located at northwest of Yangming Mountain National Forest park and Da Huangjiang Yuan Landscape refers to Huangxi recorded in Travel in Huangxi by Liu Zongyuan of Tang Dynasty.   [MORE]

  • {$r[title]} BeiJiangChong

        The core area of the nature reserve, with Douglas fir, golden larch, yew, Ye Yulan and other 20 kinds of national key protected plants. Around the beautiful landscape.  [MORE]

Location:Hunan province Yangming Mountain National Forest Park
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